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Welcome to my little corner of the internet world.

Over 17 years ago I became involved with historic reenacting and creating first-person portrayals of local historic women. My first character was Blanche Burton, a local madam of infamous fame.

Through the need of being able to have access to historic clothing and to be able to assist others in creating their historic character, Blanche's Place was born.

I am the proud descendant of a long line of strong pioneer women who came to this country in the mid 1800’s from Germany, Ireland and England, to settle the Colorado frontier. I am drawn to the past, to those who left everything behind to create a new life from nothing. Portraying women of this period of history is an addicting passion I have embraced for over last seventeen years. The stories of these women need to come to life so they are not forgotten. A connection to history and an unexplained understanding for those who came before has been as natural to me as breathing. There was no set time when I became interested in history, it always was there, from the beginning.

I invite you to visit my other historic passions and hope you too will be encouraged to become involved in the history of your local community.

Don't forget to drop us a line and share with us your historic passions to be featured in our newsletters. We all need to work together to keep history alive for the next generation.

Thank you for visiting Blanches Place and if you have any questions at all that I can assist with, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I hope you will enjoy your journey with me into the past. I am looking forward to sharing new discoveries and insights with all of you.

Meet  Blanche Burton

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